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Why Social Networking is so Important

     Social networking is huge and continues to grow on a daily basis. According to some of the latest figures, Facebook alone has 300 million global users. In 2008, Twitter grew 752 percent! LinkedIn had over 50 million registered users as of October 2009.

     Social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provide a tremendous opportunity for attorneys looking to establish themselves as authorities in their field. Social networking helps you increase your online exposure. Imagine if someone searches your name after hearing about you, and your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter postings (aka tweets) and firm’s website all show up! It would be pretty impressive.

     The more websites you are on, the better. Some people are more apt to use Twitter, while other people prefer Facebook. Be everywhere and your prospective clients will be sure to find you.

     Social networking is going to continue to explode and you need to get in on the ground floor to increase your online exposure. You can use this powerful Internet marketing tool to blow away your competitors. What is great about social networking is that not only is it an effective marketing strategy, but it is also free. All you need to invest is your time.